Sunset Strip 1920’s and 1930’s Timeline

  • 1920’s: The Sunset Strip is undeveloped, inhabited by poinsettia fields and avocado groves.

  • 1929: The historic Sunset Tower Hotel (a.k.a Argyle Hotel), at 8358 Sunset Blvd, is designed by architect Leland A. Bryant. Some still consider it one of the most important art deco structures in Los Angeles. Howard Hughes and John Wayne will each eventually take up      residence in the hotel.


  • 1934: The original Café Trocadero is opened by Billy Wilkerson, owner of the Hollywood Reporter. “The Troc,” as it will eventually be known is a French-themed late night club drawing the likes of stars such as Lana Turner, Sonja Henie, Robert Taylor, Tyrone Power,      Fred Astaire, Jean Harlow, Clark Gable, Bing Crosby and William Powell. Stardom hopefuls like Judy Garland, Phil Silvers and Jackie Gleason will compete in the Troc’s Amateur hour on Sunday nights. The Troc will also attract notorious mobsters like Willie Bioff, Tony Comero, Mickey Cohen, Bugsy Siegel and Johnny Roselli.